This one button can delete yourself from the internet for ever

If you are tired of constantly being tethered to the internet and want to scrub your existence from the web then Swedish developers have an excellent solution for you. Eliminating your digital past was never this much easy.

An app named has been created by Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck which offers a solution to become just a ghost on the internet. It offers a method to wipe off your presence from the internet with just a few clicks. While logging on to the website with a Google account, this app scans for apps and services that have been created by you and then creates a list of all accounts with easy delete links.

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The searched accounts get paired with simple delete links directing towards the “unsubscribing page” for that service. It depends on how long you take to go through the entire list of your created accounts. But generally, it takes less than an hour to successfully erase your digital tracks.


If you are stressed with unending information flowing into your life, then it is the best time to free yourself from digital technology’s pressure and to get back to the state of tranquility you have been longing for.

Want a Free Website

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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