Add music with lyrics to your WhatsApp statuses

whatsapp audio status

Did you know? You can add music with lyrics to your WhatsApp statuses. Thanks to Instagram stories, a Facebook-owned company.

Mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate Instagram’s core features with WhatsApp and Facebook. We all know that Facebook allows you to share stories with Instagram and vice-versa for the past few months. WhatsApp, however, being a complete end-to-end encrypted app seems to be forgotten and not linked to Instagram stories and other features.

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Just like on Instagram. now you can share music and songs with lyrics on WhatsApp status. It does not get auto shared but there is a simple trick to perform this feat.

The solution is called Instadp, a web page that fetches your Instagram account without even logging in. Go on the website, search your Instagram profile and it will show all the public statuses you have put on your Insta profile. On your Instagram profile, create a story, put music on it as you normally do, go to the Instadp website, just underneath the story, click the download button, now you can replicate the same story with music, lyrics on your WhatsApp story by just uploading it.


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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

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