$12,000 Rising Bitcoin – A fall of US Dollar?

We speculated that Bitcoin could hit $12,000 price over the weekend and it surely did. Priced at USD 12,351, Bitcoin is acing quickly towards its next target, yes – $15,000 price barrier. Will it be able to break that barrier, if yes how soon can it reach this landmark? Is bitcoin on its way to far beyond $15k barrier, is $20k insight too by the end of the year?

There are so many questions but one thing is for sure, all pundits who discarded Bitcoin ‘Dead’ could literally not foresee its true potential and its bright future. A year back, many who could not hold on to this asset sold it off in a haze, fearing price drop to pennies but a year later, they surely must be repenting that decision.

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As Bitcoin climbs to its highest in more than a year, there are many unanswered questions but the real one is, Shall we buy this asset now, is it too late?

It seems like, Bitcoin is poised for the big long run. It seems to be the future, yes it surely does look like.


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