Obsessed with your past? Here is how you can shape your mind to live in the present moment

Your mind continuously fluctuates between a stressful thought about a future event while recalling a thought from your past simultaneously. Then you get caught in a vice-like grip buried underneath your thoughts which hold you captive all your life. Despite your best intentions of letting go of the troubling thoughts, you abandon hope of remaining grounded in the present moment.

But in order to live a happier life and experience timeless health and wellbeing, it is important to be centered in the present moment. Living in the past has never helped anyone. Staying in the present moment helps you create a mind-body connection that intrigues your mind and body to remain in harmony and union with one another. For this purpose, you need to consider the following list of tips that can help you live your life in the present moment:

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Get rid of unnecessary things:

When you have minimum possessions to hold on to, it becomes easier for you to live in the present. The best way is to eliminate things that remind you of the past and free yourself from thinking about them anymore.

Start your day with a smile:

Smile brings happiness not in your life but also in the lives of those whom you stay with. Start your every day with a smile and it will help to bring your attitude in control keeping you optimistic always.

Be grateful for each moment:

Living in the present moment requires you to soak yourself in each moment completely. Keenly observe the sounds, the smells, the emotions, and the sorrows around you. It will make you live in the present and get connected to things around you easily.

Get over with past hurts:

Resentments or regrets don’t allow you to move forward with your life. Therefore, forgive people who wronged you in the past and move on. The harm they brought to you should not go with you your whole life so let go and move forward.

Love the work that you do:

Your work takes most part of your life but if you don’t love doing it, all that time will get wasted. You will not be able to learn anything if you keep thinking you don’t love your job. Therefore, find something that you appreciate about your job and look at it from a completely different perspective.

Don’t get worried:

Worrying leads you to suffer from depression and anxiety, therefore, stop worrying about past or your future. Your worrying will not help you accomplish or change anything so, don’t waste time in it. Shift your mental and physical energy on making your present better and your future will get secured itself.

Overcome addictions:

If you have an addiction of some kind, it will not help you live in the present moment because it holds you hostage. Get help if you cannot overcome your addiction on your own and remove its influence over your life.

Think creatively:

Your job might feel boring because you have old solutions to problems which do not allow you to make more use of your brain. Start thinking about new solutions to problems and you will come up with better ideas and creativity.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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