They think you can’t do it? – Remember these things when others doubt you of your potential

Whenever in life you start something new such as a career or on joining a new field, there are a lot of people who doubt the potential that you have. They attempt to dissuade you from your intended pursuits. By using fear-based persuasions, they keep you under their control and make you agree with their viewpoint. When you are unable to do what you know can do, it can be really discouraging and feels if you are the problem.

But there are things that you need to remember when people try to discourage you from reaching your goals by creating doubts in your mind about your own potential. Following are those points to remember:

People who judge you speak out of contempt:

When people doubt you for your potential they think of you as being naïve to the path that you have chosen for yourself. They think that you cannot do it because you are not doing something practical and they perceive you on the past mistakes that you have made. Sometimes they are afraid of someone doing something different therefore, they prefer discouraging to their best.

People bring up your past failures:

It is usually seen that whenever you try to explain to someone why you want to pursue your goals, they remind you of your past mistakes. They define your ability to succeed on the basis of your failures. It is because they have not forgotten your past and it is how they judge you. But that does not predetermine your failures for your future life.

Their thinking is based on external limitations:

When people doubt you of your abilities, they mostly keep in mind the external limitations. It is because they think within their narrow frame of mind which makes them assume things as dangerous and potentially destructive. They judge you out of irrational fear because of the way they think. But you must remember that their judgments have nothing to do with your potential for growth and success.

Other’s opinions are not the vision of your future:

People who doubt you of your potential are actually not aware of your abilities. Their opinions are not true nor are they based on factual evidence. Their judgment is based on the fear that they themselves have not been able to control. Therefore, don’t take other people’s opinions as true because it can manipulate your feelings and stop you from growing.

You know what’s best:

Your abilities cannot be judged in the opinions of other people. Your worth should never be based on some else’s judgment scale. You yourself know what is best for yourself and how can you can make your abilities work for you.

Try not to please others:

Life is short and you don’t have time to please those who doubt you. Create life that you always wanted to and live it the way you always wanted to live. Do not waste your time in doing something what others want you to do instead, do whatever your heart desires.