Nokia 3310 Review, 6 Reasons why you will love it

This time Nokia is returning to life as a modern classic. The brand that used to rule as the most popular handset is now making a nostalgic return in the form of a modern variant. This isn’t a phone that will be used to carry your every moment and get glued to your social media platform. But it is something users can use on rough weekends. This is a phone that is not going to replace the smart phone but it will be something users will be much happy to get it back in their lives.

There are few reasons that Nokia 3310 is going to be a great addition to our lives.

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  • The battery life:

With smart phones, there is always an issue of battery life. As the phone ditched the big touchscreen and has just some of the basic functions working, this phone offers a superb battery life. The Nokia 3310 can last a long weekend of taking photos, listening to music, or playing its game without the need for charging.

  • It isn’t expensive:

In UK, the 3310 is available at £50. This is comparatively very less price as compared to today’s smartphones.

  • No need of a casing:

As this device has no glass touchscreens to protect therefore it doesn’t need a casing. The device is made to stand few knocks without getting expired forever.

  • It brings back old memories:

The Nokia 3310 has become a classic icon of the mobile phone history. This is a phone that brings back old memories of texting during high school days requiring limited characters to send a message.

  • Good for kids:

This is a good device for buying for your kids as it isn’t expensive and you don’t have to worry if they ever lose it.

  • Playing the classic game:

Snake has been the classic game for Nokia 3310. Now it has been introduced in various colors instead of just black and white.

With all of its advantages, Nokia 3310 has two problems which can be fixed to bring an improvement to the phone.

  1. The Nokia 3310 lacks the ability to be customized as everyone’s unique set. You can only buy the phone in one color i.e. blue, yellow, grey, or red but cannot change its color later on.

  2. It is a great phone with an extremely good battery life but the lack of smart features can be a problem in its way of becoming the popular handset again.

Via: CNet



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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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