Instagram for doctors ‘Figure1’ is the talk of the town

The Instagram for doctors, Figure1 is an app that is being used by doctors around the world to upload anonymous photos of their most confusing cases aiming to trade information and ask for advice from other specialists. This is the app that has made images and learning work side by side. The doctors often use images and pictures to communicate with other doctors.

One of the third year medical student Sheryll Shipes began using the photo sharing app for learning and diagnostic purposes. The objective of the app for sharing the knowledge is something really useful for the emerging doctors but on the other side, it also raises confidentiality issues. According to an intensive care specialist in Toronto, Canada, the apps objective is to share knowledge vowing to the anonymity, ethics, and patient approval. While treating a majority of the patients, there is always a need to seek help. The virtual sharing has become a common place for medical students to approach while going through different situations. This app is something that has changed the way smartphones are used and has become a strong medium for sharing medical cases.

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The app that was launched in May 2013 has the ability to take an image, remove any specific information, and upload the image from the health care user’s community for feedback. This is the kind of medical tool that is being used for learning medical education. The app is helpful for the general public as well but the basic purpose is to provide services for the individuals in healthcare. This app is available in 19 countries. The number of users is increasing and is expected to go higher with the passage of time. This is an app that has helped many medical students for diagnosing unusual diseases which they would have not so easily otherwise.

Via: CNN

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