SooperChef: The Largest Digital Food Network in Pakistan

Why SooperChef’s 1-minute instant cooking videos are immensely popular all across the nation?

SooperChef is the first-ever and complete FOOD Network that is unique of its kind in Pakistan and has a special bonding with its audience as it is totally reshaping the cooking style, making it convenient for households to cook and learn exciting food recipes for their loved ones on a daily basis.

The Internet penetration in Pakistan has developed an appetite for visualizing food content, and SooperChef is massively picking up the pace with increasing user base every day. This Pakistani-based food network startup has gained 2.0 Million+ Facebook Fan Followers and the 1-minute instant cooking recipe idea regularly gets thousands of millions of views, shares, tags, likes, comments, recommendations and much more by their beloved viewers.

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The startup has invented its way to connect with its massive fan following that feels purely original, authentic and the fact they actually develop a feel to make and eat food. Every video uploaded gets the maximum tags, shares, comments, likes and recommendations from friends & families to must try exotic dishes for the dinner tonight. This startup isn’t just a normal one long hour cooking show placed with loads of unnecessary advertisements. It makes a perfect attachment between the user and the food recipes.

The real reason attributed to their success in just couple of months while the startup gained momentum can be described at its best in two points: Foodies love mouthwatering, tasty and delectable food & the comfort of learning to cook the delicious recipe in quickie time span.

Just as it grows 8-months old, the most viral recipe Digital Food Network has gathered an audience reach of 24Million+, 16 Million+ Monthly views, 5 Million+ users engagement, 300K+ website Traffic on a monthly basis, 2.5 Million+ YouTube Video Views and with a satisfying positive sentiment of viewers by 99%.

SooperChef aims to deliver delectable and extensive range of interesting cooking ideas to its viewers, teaching them to cook in the most simpler way. The recipes are integrated with proper instruction both in English & Urdu to cook a perfect meal for house hold wives for their beloved families.

The videos made by them are purely optimized for smartphones and are up to the Facebook News Feed Standards so that users can easily hold their smartphone with one hand and try cooking their favorite dish with the other. SooperChef claims to provide a 360 Degree solution for their viewers by maintaining official channels all over social media platforms, website, Android & iOS apps.

SooperChef is both available on Android & iOS for its users and the app itself is bilingual both in (English & Urdu), reaching the maximum number of audience countrywide. No doubt, the application is immensely popular among foodies who love to try delicious Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Sweets, Desserts and Much more recipes offered under one platform. The app has a built-in community feature where users can interact and share their cooking ideas, experiences and form a discussion regarding their queries.

Cooking recipes and techniques are usually covered in 1-Minute instant video and are so straight to the point that a newbie can master their art of cooking at home by following simple cooking steps. So, if you are a first timer in the kitchen, SooperChef stays your true cooking companion.

By far, SooperChef has attracted couple of leading industry giants to partner with their food and beverage products. For instance, Mehran Foods & Spices, Mitchell’s, Guard Rice are under the long-term partnership and many others are in the process to be in the league of partnership.

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