Newly designed processor by Apple for low power tasks

Apple is the tech company that has been producing its own processors since long. For its iPhones and iPads it uses the in-house developed A-series SoCs. And for its laptops and desktops it has been largely relying on Intel’s offerings for the past few years.

The company has now focused its attention towards the creation of a new chip that will be handle those functions that will not be requiring a lot of computing power. The processor maker’s ARM tech would be used by the company which will be used to taking on things such as Power Nap feature in MacOS. This is something that gives the ability for syncing calendars, downloading emails, and software updates even when the laptop’s display is powered down.

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The processor is expected to be similar to the Apple’s ARM-based T1 chip. This chip powers the latest MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. It is located above the keyboard and displays contextual action buttons for numerous applications.

The newly designed processor is aimed to work alongside the Intel SoCs that Macs run on. This even eases the process of lower power consumption that is presently possible with power Nap. The audience can expect the chip feature later this year in an upgraded version of the latest MacBook Pros. Also Apple is likely to introduce a new 12-inch MacBook models along with Kaby Lake processors as well as a 16GB RAM option around the second quarter of 2017. A 15-inch MacBook with a 32GB RAM is also expected in the fourth quarter this year.

Apple is starting a new generation of its processing power. It is considered a pioneer for changing the CPU of Macintosh computers from PowerPC processors to Intel processors. Apple is known for diversifying and we can expect a lot of its product variations in the coming years.

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