Hobbies that successful people practice in their spare time (Video Included)

Hobbies act as a spiritual sustenance in our lives. Hobby is the kind of love that tells people the true essence of life. This is the kind of activity that adorns our lives, enriches the connotations of our lives, and enhances its taste and value. It promotes physical and mental harmony as well as encourages a healthy development. And who else would know the true meaning of existence than the people who are already leading a successful life.

Spare time is most valuable for successful people therefore they choose hobbies that help them make the best of their time. These hobbies help them to become more successful, stimulate their creativity, and refine their analytical skills.

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Following is the list of most successful people and their hobbies as an inspiration to those who still are looking for something productive to do in their free time.

Jack Dorsey loves hiking: The American computer programmer, an internet entrepreneur and the cofounder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey never misses hiking on weekends.

Richard Branson plays Chess: Virgin group founder Richard Branson is very famous for his adventurous side. He is mostly found on the high seas and kite surfing but his most favorite hobby is to play chess. According to him this is the only game in the world with which a person practices tactics, planning, bravery, and risk-taking.

Meryl Streep Knits: Many researches have proved that knitting is the biggest stress reliever. This is something very well understood by the award winning actress Meryl Streep. She states that knitting helps her to place together all her thoughts and understand the contemplative life. Knitting is her hobby and she even wore one of her hand-knitted shawl in her movies.

Bill Gates plays bridge: There is not one hobby that is practiced by Bill Gates but his most favorite is to play bridge. With his kids he loves to play tennis in his past time.

Marissa Mayer likes to bake: Marissa Mayer takes a practical approach with her baking ability and has even created spreadsheet analyzing cupcakes as well as frosting recipes. Her baking ability helps her to be more productive during her work.

George W. Bush likes to paint: George W. Bush is known for his creativity as a painter. He has learnt the art from a Georgia-based painter and has successfully painted more than 50 puppies, numerous landscapes, and at least 30 world leaders up till now.

Larry Ellison Sails: The Oracle CTO and former CEO has an addiction for sailing. After moving to California in 1966, Ellison took a sailing course at the age of 22 and by 25 he owned his first boat.

Kate Middleton: Prince William admits for his wife’s allure to coloring. Coloring is also considered a good alternative to meditation and mindfulness practices and for Kate Middleton, it is the best way to organize her thoughts.

Sergey Brin is an adrenaline junkie: Like the diversity of his platform, Google’s cofounder loves to push his body to limits in his free time. He practices roller hockey, gymnastics, ultimate Frisbee, high-flying trapeze, and skydiving.

Warren Buffet plays Ukulele: The American business magnet, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffet is known for his love of playing ukulele. He has donated a lot of his instruments to children’s club in Omaha, has given performances for charity along with giving lessons.

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