Facebook Lite hits 200M users

For Facebook, staying connected is something that can empower the world. This is the reason that it had introduced Facebook Lite for the developing markets. Launched in 2015, it grew upon 100 million monthly users by March 2016. It remained high on users’ wish lists and is now growing the company’s business as it has doubled in size to 200 million users.

This year, the revenue went up to 52% in limited set of countries. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company plans to expand this facility to countries such as Italy, Israel, South Korea, and United Arab Emirates. The COO of the company Sheryl Sandberg states that now the Facebook’s Lite app allows even businesses to manage their pages.

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In fact, Lite app is the biggest reason for Facebook to grow its business in different regions of the world. This year the average revenue per users is 28% which has risen from $1.10 to $1.41. It boosted its entire revenue up to 52% making it up to $839 million per quarter.

The available apps on the internet provide no alternatives to users living in low-bandwidth areas. By allowing people to use social media in such areas with Lite app, Facebook has actually found a place to grow up its revenues dramatically.

Unlike Facebook, SnapChat focused on high-bandwidth areas for an increased growth. SnapChat’s first bandwidth-heavy video-first app earned $7.8 million off 39 million daily users in the rest of the world regions. SnapChat includes Asia Pacific in the rest of the world regions but Facebook on the other hand took a different approach. Instead of waiting for the developing network infrastructure to increase bandwidth, it created a lighter version of its leading application.

Via: Tech Crunch

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