New Email Scam Threatens Google Adsense

There’s a new, horrible email scam and it is threatening many websites by bombarding them with irrelevant bot traffic (huge numbers) to get their Google Adsense accounts suspended.

The bot is directly clicking banners ads that are against Google’s policy. This enforces Google`s automated Anti-fraud protection which flags traffic that looks like ad clicking done automatically.

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Under google`s current policy, such actions could result in Google ads being restricted. This means, no clicks on the ad and less revenue generated for the publisher.

The scammers are using extortion methods and asking for a $5000 payment in Bitcoin. So by temporarily boosting the traffic to an ad, the scam could potentially kill the ads’ future performance.

Google is already aware of this issue and is making efforts to protect the quality of its ads network. Google is enhancing its defenses to identify invalid, irrelevant traffic. These measures may include restricting an ad from being served if the automatic activity is detected. It detailed in their last August Blog which can be found here.

As you can see Google has gone to some lengths to make sure personal information must be secure and they have as it’s their job. Users should also safeguard their personal information and must have two-factor authentication on all platforms.

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From a security POV, this more looks like a planned attack than a random act. Adsense publishers can contact google to report any invalid ad clicks or should get help form its help center if you are a victim of this scam.

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May you drive safe in this Webware superhighway.

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