No one knows why Jeff Bezos sold $4 billion of Amazon stock

Have you ever watched detective shows where they set up elaborate crime and the lead actors are able to figure out in 30 mins? Well, this corundum is not the case. When normal people get divorced they get poorer, Jeff Bezos got divorced and is still the wealthiest man on planet earth.

Recently, He sold $4 billion of Amazon`s stock which has baffled industry experts and pundits. Why would the CEO sell $570 million worth of shares? For what outcome?. CNBC reports this was a part of a pre-arranged trading plan . Let me remind this all hearsay as Jeff Bezos hasn’t given any reason as to why he did this.

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Bezos recently made a $10 billion climate change commitment and also owns Blue Origin. A space exploration company that Bezos owns and has committed to selling $1 billion in Amazon stock per year to fund Blue Origin. So some of the stock might be that but at this moment its all conjecture.

I hope this isn’t like the Qatari Letter Mystery or the Calibri Font Case that has baffled millions of people and soon we might get some answer to why he sold $4 billion of Amazon stock.

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