Google will start paying people for publishing news

Yes, you read it right. Google will start paying people who publish news. Currently, in negotiations for content, Google intends to pay people for news in hopes of sustaining criticism in regards to profits made by copyright news.

Since most publishers are located in France and Europe, talks have been in its infantile stage. Paying for the news will not only motivate people from published fact-oriented information but at the same time, users will also help google with its search term.

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The concept is, instead of relying on other sources, Google will be able to populate its search term thus generating revenue instead of paying out.

This concept is not new and businesses have been doing for ages in order to curbs costs and increase profits. However, the Paid publisher is a new concept. This way any person who breaks highly important news will be paid more than the person who delves in fake news.

They emphasized that they intend to find quality journalism. For years, the California based behemoth has remained steadfast about not paying for news articles links displayed in search results and is not changing its position.

It is debated that it drives traffic to news websites which in return helps those publishers get ad revenues.

Facebook also faced the same criticism since it launched the premium based news tab whose purpose is to produce professional content. Facebook was expected to pay several news outlets reported in millions of dollars.

This move by Google is also because of EU copyright directive and anti-trust laws.

France, the first county to ratify copyright directive raised the prospect of legal action against Google in regards to google search results.

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