Negotiate a higher job offer in one simple step

When a job offer letter hits your inbox then it is time for you to negotiate. You need to decide whether you are in desperate need of a job or the package that is being offered is already a good one. According to experts, the best negotiation tip comes down to twelve magic words that form a powerful sentence.

“If you can get me X, I will accept the offer right away”

These are the words that even the hiring managers love to hear as they expect candidates to counter. But there is a particular way to say to use this phrase in front of the hiring manager. The reasons for this phrase to work effectively while negotiating for a job are as follows

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It shows you are serious about the job:

Hiring managers look for people who are enthusiastic about the role they have been offered in the company. Competency and cultural fit do not give you that much of a higher edge as ending your interview with a candid statement. By using this phrase, you can indicate to the hiring manager how excited you are bout the job. This one phrase tells them that there are many other offers under your consideration but you are willing to let go of them because of this one.

It eliminates back and forth:

The salary and compensation package is something that is always wiggled upon by the candidates. The recruiter has something tangible to bring back to the hiring committee if the request is reasonable.

It displays confidence:

Managers want to higher people who are eligible for the job negotiation works in the same way; you lay out a clear course of action in front of the employer. Negotiation tells them that there is a better offer if the request is not accepted. This tactic displays a leadership style which makes more people to hire you.

There are a lot of things that you can ask beyond higher salary like work from home, for one more week of PTO etc. you will have pretty much great chances to be accepted for the job as long as your requests are reasonable.

Via: INC

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