5 Books to read if you are looking for a new job

Either you are starting out in your career or making a transition, you need to search for a job. There are a lot of factors that play when looking for a new job and smallest mistakes can turn everything horrific. You need to have the knowledge and information for boosting your job search intelligence and for that, you need to read good books.

Following are the few books that help you master the art of job search:

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How to talk to anyone: 92 little tricks for big success in relationships

Author: Leil Lowndes

This book is all about knowing how to make sell yourself by making the interviewer comfortable with your answers. It teaches you how to relate to people you encounter in your job search and how to leave them with a good impression of your personality. A lot of the art of verbal communication is taught by the author of the book. All the techniques can be put into practice once they are understood well.

Link: How to Talk to Anyone

Quiet: Power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

Author: Susan Cain

People who find it hard to express themselves openly as extroverts, this book explain ways to them to cope with situations such as networking and self-promotion.

Link: Quiet

The defining decade: Why your twenties matter

Author: Meg Jay

When it comes to career, the age of twenties is a bit of confusing times. Deciding about your career or pursuing higher education becomes somewhat difficult to decide. This book provides great advice along with stories to inspire the new generation to switch from fear of action.

Link: The Defining Decade

Nice girls don’t get the corner office:  101 unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their carriers

Author: Lois P. Frankel

This book encourages women to shift the unknown detrimental behaviors that could be shaping their careers. It helps them to understand and change the way in the corporate world.

Link: Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office

Indispensable by Monday:

Author: Larry Myler

In this book, Larry Myler has explained how to calculate the revenues and cost savings that an employee has generated for their employer. It helps the new job seekers to show their worth in the form of money to the employers.

Link: Indispensable by Monday

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