7 emotionally intelligent tips to help you become a better leader

Managing your own emotions and of others is what help better manage the relationships. Calming down your own emotions is a rigorous process but it leads to a happier and successful life. The only thing that can make you more emotionally intelligent is the self-awareness. It gives you the ability to adjust your own feelings and can tell when a strong emotion is about to occur. It surely needs a long time of learning to achieve that. Following are the easy ways you can strive and improve with the passage of time.

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This is the simplest way to increase your emotional intelligence. You can read books that are focused on emotional intelligence.

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Active listening:

People hardly give others the time to talk because they always want to tell their own stories. But from being emotionally intelligent, you need to practice active listening. This is something that takes time to learn. Although it is hard to stop yourself from talking and listen, the rewards are bigger then you can imagine.

Surround yourself with people with higher IQs:

Make an effort to stay with people you admire and have the emotional intelligence qualities that you want to emulate.

Learn from mistakes:

One of the greatest skills is to pinpoint your past mistakes and remind yourself what went wrong and why. By observing your mistakes you will learn a lot and this will keep you away from repeating them.

Choose your past time activities wisely:

Wisely selected leisure activities are known to increase emotional intelligence. Your activities can include meditation, yoga classes, or joining a book club.

Never stop learning:

Education does not have to end with the end of the traditional classroom, your whole life can teach you things. Just decide what you are interested in and go for it.

Talk regularly about your feelings:

When you have an emotional outlet in the form of another person, you will feel much better about your life. You can have someone in your life you trust or a professional therapist can be tremendously valuable with whom you can share your feelings.

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