Her video waving, taunting zoo Lion went viral – may face criminal trespassing charges

The woman who stepped into a lion enclosure at the Bronz Zoo last weekend is finally identified. It is reported that NYPD officers are searching for this 32-year-old Myah Autry whose videos went viral on social media for dancing and taunting a lion that was standing few yards away from her.

In the first video posted on her Instagram account, Myáh crosses the fence fearlessly while a male who probably is recording the video is advising her not to do it “you are not supposed to do that”. This was a terrible idea to say the least and everything is wrong about her act.

According to CBS New York, Police are still searching for her and she may face criminal trespassing charges.


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She put herself in harm’s way, setting a horrible example to many children who probably watched her crazy stunts which she may call as “act of bravery”. She has set a wrong example, totally wrong in every way.

Here is the actual video that went viral on Instagram and Facebook.