How to build confidence and self esteem?

How to build confidence and self esteem

Confidence is a natural expression of a person’s ability, expertise, and self-regard and the truly confident people have faith in their abilities to achieve. They take the ownership of their thoughts and actions and do not let their fears dominate their lives. They always have an upper hand over the less confident people and inspire others for making things happen.

You only have confidence if you have a knowledge about something. If you lack knowledge and experience, you are not confident and that reflects your body language.

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Confident people have a mental power that affects their ability to succeed and progress more than anyone else. It is important to be confident and for that, you need to have the following traits.

1. They don’t seek attention:

Confident people do not seek attention and do not try to prove they are important. They are the masters for diffusing attention i.e. when they are given attention they focus it towards all those people who worked with them as a team.

2. They do not always say yes:

Saying yes to everything and everyone is something that creates difficulty or a person. They experience stress and anxiety. Instead, successful people do not say yes to everything, they say no with confidence. They value and prefer their ongoing commitments and work hard to fulfill them first.

3. Get your happiness from within:

For gaining confidence, happiness is a critical element. You need to be happy from within and what you have. Successful people drive happiness from their own achievements and this is what makes them satisfied all along.

4. They speak less:

Confidence of successful people makes them speak less because they know they don’t have to prove anything. They listen actively and pay attention to others. This is something that makes them learn and grow at the same time.

5. They speak with certainty:

Confident people speak assertively because they know it’s not easy to make people listen and deliver their ideas. They are not doubtful when they talk, they always utter confident phrases.

6. They accept their mistakes:

Confident people know what they are capable of doing and are truly aware that being human, they can make mistakes. They accept the responsibility for their mistakes confidently and learn a lot every time.

Most importantly they live by a simple life rule i.e “they believe in themselves

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