Move within a 360 video through Facebook’s new VR cameras

Video is the future and this seems to be pretty understood by Facebook. The company is not focusing on any video, but it is glued to the 360-degree video that approaches the virtual reality. But creating such video requires a unique set of cameras, therefore, Facebook announced an open source VR camera i.e. Surround 360. This was basically a fancy camera that cost a massive $30,000.

Now, the Facebook team of engineers has updated the Surround 360 with two models that they hope to bootstrap a much larger market for this extravagant device. This update provides the ability to move around a VR scene whereas most 360 cameras basically mount the user’s head in a fixed place. With the help of this update, users will now be able to look up, left and right, down in a 3D image. It will allow users to move their body within the scene which will be helpful in curbing some of the illusion.

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The updated cameras will use a blend of corresponding cameras for providing extra depth info along with a software magic. The new camera capability will not just allow users to move within a scene but will make it easier to add CGI effects. This year, Facebook is partnering with hardware makers in order to bring the camera to more people. These cameras are not expected to be sold directly by Facebook and are expected to become available later this year.

Facebook is aiming to bring people closer with the help of rich and immersive stories they can share with their families and friends. The new breed of cameras is expected to expand the market for Facebook even more.

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