Facebook launches its first VR app called Spaces

Since long, the Facebook team has been planning to develop a VR social interaction ecosystem rather than a gaming platform. The team has been committed to pushing social media towards the virtual reality and an enhanced commitment has taken the form of Facebook Spaces.

Facebook has finally introduced a real VR social app as Facebook Spaces which allows users to hangout in a virtual space. It enables them to browse through the Timeline memories with friends and family. For getting started, users need to provide a photo from Facebook for creating an avatar. The app will then try to create a toonish duplicate which can be customized later on.

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Once it’s done, users can invite their friends in order to join. These avatars are also shown by Facebook creating artwork, listening to music, watching 360 videos in VR as well as playing games. As most people do not have a VR headset so they can interact with people using video calling on the Messenger. In that case, it will appear as a 2D video within the virtual space but on their end, the users will appear as a virtual avatar. For Oculus Rift, Facebook Spaces will be launching beta later on.

This is an exciting development especially when it comes to Facebook Spaces allowing people who are not in VR to communicate with others. This could no doubt be the software breadcrumb app that can push some of the Facebook users into using virtual reality regularly.

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