Learning should never stop as long as you are alive – These 7 things should be done for self improvement

Regardless of the age of a person, TV is the most favorite past time of all. It has been ruling lives of people on daily basis and has made them more sensitive towards the imaginary characters as compared to the living people around. We are spending most of the time after office hours or study in-front of TV or exploring social media posts. We never think about that we have to improve our-self; either to become physically fit, or enroll online to study new technology in your field. Many of us ask why self improvement is necessary?

Following are the fruitful things that you for self improvement instead of watching TV after coming back from the work:

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Spend time in reading:

There must a solid reason why Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Cuban Read 50 Books a Year. Instead of wasting your time watching TV, make it a habit to read books on a daily basis. Read on all subjects and not just the ones that interest you. It will give you a greater amount of information and will keep you updated more as compared to watching TV.

Teach to boost self-confidence:

You may not know everything but whatever you know might be of great value to somebody else. If you are good at cooking, then be of help to people who don’t know how to cook food. If you are great at Math, teach students who are weak and need help.

These 3 Powerful ways to boost self-confidence will not only help you in making money but it will also help to improve your body language.

Learn any form of art:

Painting, singing, or dancing is the kind of art that can be learnt at any phase of your life no matter what age you are in. after coming back from work, make it a habit to learn any form of art and it will not only act as a stress buster but will also enhance your personality.

Join active groups:

Get connected to the active groups in your city where people gather and network to share their experiences as well as expertise. This practice will help you meet the like-minded people and you will feel happier and satisfied as compared to watching TV.

Learn the art of writing:

You don’t have to be a great writer in order to adopt the habit of writing. No matter how weak your imagination is, these 5 surprising reasons to start writing can bring your thoughts on a piece of paper. As you will make it a habit, the daily practice will help you not only improve but will also bring peace of mind and satisfaction to your heart. The art of writing can also help you in developing a habit of writing a diary which can help you in progressing in your life.

Spend time with family:

You can surely watch TV with your family but that does not allow you to know what your family members are going through. Spending time with your family is a key for achieving work life balance. Spend time with them by talking to them and listening to their day’s experiences as well as sharing your own with them. By sharing both joy and sorrow, you will strengthen your bond with your family.

Sit silently and admire the nature:

In your busy schedule, it is difficult to sit and admire the beauty of nature. But you can do that by returning from the office. Take some time alone to sit quietly and admire how beautiful the world is and what great things make it worth living. It is actually one of the best 5 ways that lead to a healthy and happy living.

If you are watching just six hours watching TV every day, this means that your 2,190 hours get wasted in one year. These are the hours in which you do nothing productive. So, if your life expectancy is 70 years, then around 6,388 days and 11 years of your life are wasted on watching TV. Just imagine how great your life would be if you do something productive in these hours.

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