5 surprising reasons to start writing

There are so many people who die with their best work still inside them. it is because most of the people assume that great things are done only by those who are blessed with natural talents. They don’t even realize that how many great things can be done by people who never fully utilize their potential. In reality, most of the people including myself are capable of much more than we typically produce. As a result, the best of our work still remain hiding inside us.

We actually need to pull that potential out of ourselves and share it out to the world. Perhaps the best way to share our thoughts is by writing. Regardless of the goals we keep, writing can help us in following ways

It improves vocabulary:

When we start writing, we stretch ourselves mentally to find the right words to create a better sentence. It is hard to memorize words from the dictionary but as we practice them by writing on paper again and again, they become a part of our vocabulary and it also increases our recall speed. It not only makes us a good writer but helps a lot in choosing the words carefully while we are speaking.

Strengthen thinking patterns:

Writing is a process that forces us to think. As we practice it for a longer period of time, our thinking improves. We think of more creative ideas in order to create a better pattern of whatever we are writing. It helps to write about things that inspire us and then we crystallize it in a logical format. Writing is a process we start from nothing but makes us learn tons of things as we keep going.

Refines creativity:

It is often assumed that creativity is a natural talent and only few people have it. But that is not true, there is years of experience behind people who become successful with their creativity. Idea-development is a long process and writing is the only tool to get creative thoughts on paper. Once we make writing a habit, it refines the creativity and allows the best of our ideas to shine through.

Increases self-confidence:

Everyone wants to get more knowledge but the most authentic is by someone who knows what they are talking about. The establishment of ideas when written on paper can naturally make more aware of our self. Once we have the true self-confidence, it will shine from within through our writing.

Practices mindfulness:

Today a lot of emphasis is given on making mindfulness a daily habit. People learn different techniques in order to practice it fully. But still, it is not easy to perform techniques in a busy schedule. The habit of writing brings another big advantage as it helps to practice mindfulness. It helps us to slow down and take charge of our thoughts and gain clarity about our impulses.

Via: Addicted2Success