Elon Musk Wants to Drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is selling a t-shirt with the “Nuke Mars” motto. He is famous for his tweets that make the news worldwide. He wants to equip the world with “Free WiFI” and is already building a Neuralink product to connect human brains with computers to feed all the data instantly. If this is not enough, he wants to colonize Mars but wait, now he has gone a step further.

He wants to drop Nuclear bombs on Mars.

Question is, who will take nukes to the mars?. Well, we’ll leave that for another story but the enthusiasm to nuke Marks has rational reasoning. He wants to make the red freezing planet more habitable for humans.

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It’s an idea he has already spoken about on a Stephen Colbert show. After the drop bomb tweet, Musk tweeted again saying he will soon have Tshirts with Nuke Mars message.

People began submitting their graphical version of Tshirt with the message.

Musk did not make his fans wait much longer and tweeted the Tshirt design a few hours later.

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