Learn about AI with these 6 YouTube channels

Learning a new skill or industry can be intimidating, particularly if the cost is high. We are here to assist you because of this. We’ve put together a list of free YouTube channels that can help you get started learning AI instead of delving into the never-ending maze of trying to find the ideal course.

We have YouTube channels if you want it to be entertaining and interactive. If you want it to be very instructive and provide courses, we also have that. Do you want to become a free AI expert?

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Take a look at these YouTube channels:

1. AI Explained

Another YouTube channel focuses on making complicated AI systems, products, and processes understandable to the general public. This channel is suitable for all levels of experience in the tech world, from novices to experts in AI. You can watch in-depth analyses of the newest AI products and services, along with their implications for the future, while you relax.

Link: AI Explained YouTube Channel


2. Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe is a tech enthusiast who has made 214 videos to date, all of which are about technology. Visit Matt Wolfe’s YouTube channel to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI), what’s going on in the field, what to watch out for, and its future. In addition to reviewing tools and products, his videos will cover news in the AI space, sparing you a great deal of labor. Discover ChatGPT, AI Music, Generative Art, and additional tutorials featuring a futuristic and no-code concept.

Link: Matt Wolfe YouTube Channel


3. Two Minute Papers

Are you attempting to learn about artificial intelligence but are regrettably pressed for time? Check out the Two Minute Papers YouTube channel for an overview of the most recent papers-based AI and machine learning research projects, all explained in just two minutes. You can learn about AI research papers with Two Minute Papers, which has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Link: Two Minute Papers YouTube Channel


4. DeepLearning.AI

Andrew Ng founded the DeepLearning in 2017. One of the most well-liked and quickly expanding AI learning platforms is the AI platform. Through the development of superior AI programs and the promotion of a close-knit community, the platform seeks to meet the demand for top-notch AI education.

Link: DeepLearning.AI YouTube Channel


5. The AI Advantage

Have you ever considered how you could use or incorporate AI tools and services into your daily life? You can start learning right now by subscribing to the AI Advantage YouTube channel, which covers how to use AI to your advantage in the business world and increase the productivity of your tasks.

Link: The AI Advantage YouTube Channel


6. MattVidPro AI

I would strongly suggest the MattVidPro AI YouTube channel if you want to learn about AI in order to stay current and avoid falling behind. You will receive comprehensive coverage of all AI technologies, particularly the most recent ones and their potential, on this channel. In order to save you from having to figure it out on your own, he also provides helpful instructions on how to use these AI tools.

Link: MattVidPro AI YouTube Channel


Siraj Raval

Perhaps you’d like to check out these AI tools’ playful side. You can now do so thanks to Siraj Raval’s YouTube channel, which combines entertainment and education with artificial intelligence. He creates an engaging and participatory learning environment for AI concepts. See what entertaining and interesting things you can make with ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Link: Siraj Raval YouTube Channel



Learning doesn’t have to always involve procedures and be very technical. In addition to staying current with developments in the field of artificial intelligence, learning via interactive videos, opinionated articles, and tutorials is another effective way to determine the area you’re interested in.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other fantastic YouTube channels that our readers would find useful.

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