The Google AI Fund for Businesses expands AI training courses

This week, Google revealed that it is expanding the Google Certificates Program’s resources and AI training offerings. The business added that it intends to provide its educational resources in 18 more languages, enabling millions more people to advance their skills.

With the goal of providing “workers with the skills they need to avoid being left behind,” the tech giant is also making significant investments in expanding AI educational opportunities in Europe.

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Anyone who is eager to take a well-known AI course but does not currently have the funds to enroll in a paid one will be happy to hear this news.

Google Expands AI Training Courses For Everyone

Google recently declared its investment in the AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe, saying it will contribute €25 million, or about $27.9 million.

Excitingly, this includes plans to add new resources available on its existing Google Career Certificates program, in order “to help learners discover how professionals in their fields are using AI while gaining hands-on experience applying AI to workplace scenarios.”

On the other hand, more workers can now prepare for an AI-powered economy where having the necessary skills to use the technology effectively will matter much more thanks to the company’s AI foundational courses and online webinars being offered in 18 more languages.

Google’s Multi-Million Dollar AI Fund for Businesses

Google announced the launch of the “AI Opportunity Fund: Europe” in collaboration with the Centre for Public Impact, in addition to increasing the availability of its training resources. It appears that the great majority of the €25 million will be used for this.

The tech behemoth says that “social enterprises and nonprofits” who believe that their employees would benefit from receiving upskilling in AI-related fields are encouraged to apply for a portion of the funding.

“Selected organizations will receive bespoke and facilitated training on foundational AI in local languages delivered directly to the workers in their communities… as well as cash grants for critical wraparound support, such as childcare or compensation for pay, to remove the barrier to learning” Google explains.

Are Google AI courses Free?

Many of the introductory courses on AI that were previously mentioned are available for free in Google’s online course library. Considering you’re not paying anything, they’re fairly comprehensive, and you can access a tonne of extra resources and educational materials for free as well.

However, the majority of Google Career Certificate students must pay a $49.00 monthly Coursera fee in order to enroll in one Google certificate course. That being said, this might change based on how soon you finish the course.

Additionally, Google provides “funded scholarships” for certifications in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. If you are successful in receiving one of these scholarships, you will have free access to Google’s AI training courses.

Recall that there are additional free online AI training courses available that provide a variety of learning methods and specialized skills like coding, advertising, and prompt engineering that can help you carve out your niche.


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