7 ways how a gratitude practice boosts your happiness


Researchers have found that expressing gratitude not only boosts your self-being but keeps you happier if you cultivate the habit in your daily routine. But instead of just following the gratitude advice blindly, it is necessary the reason why expressing gratitude is important and how it can help you.

Following are the reasons that can make you understand why expressing gratitude is important and what can you achieve by practicing gratitude in your life.

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1. Maximum possible satisfaction:

When you are grateful for the blessings in life, you successfully extract the maximum possible satisfaction from the circumstances you are living in. You need to take time to be grateful for even the smallest blessings that you have because appreciating such things makes your life beautiful and worth living.

2. Bolster’s self-worth and self-esteem:

When you understand how much you have achieved in life and how much you are blessed with, it makes you feel more confident and efficacious. Instead of focusing on failures and setbacks, gratefulness can encourage you to value your own life.

3. Helps to cope with stress and trauma:

Gratefulness is an ability that helps you appreciate life circumstances with the help of an adaptive coping method. When you practice this method, you are able to positively reinterpret stressful or negative life experiences. When you are regularly grateful, the traumatic memories are less likely to surface and are less intense when they do.

4. Encourages moral behavior:

Empathy is the feeling of gratefulness that makes you help other people. It makes you less materialistic and you acquire less stuff because it doesn’t give you inner satisfaction. On the other hand, with kind and caring acts towards people, you get inner strength and it motivates you to help more people.

5. Building social bonds:

Gratitude helps strengthen existing relationships and nurtures new ones too. It raises the awareness of the value of your friends and family members and you treat them better which helps build strong relationships.

6. Less attention toward competition:

When you are grateful for what you have and appreciate even the smallest blessings, you find no time to focus on what others are doing that may make you jealous of them. Being genuinely thankful for your blessings gives you inner happiness and satisfaction.

7. Removal of feelings of anger and greed:

When you are happy, and live for others, anger, and greed are automatically eliminated from your personality. When you are feeling grateful, it is hard to feel guilty, resentful, or infuriated. It helps you to cope with negative emotions which removes feelings of jealousy, anger, and bitterness.



Cultivating gratitude in daily life offers numerous benefits. It enhances satisfaction, bolsters self-esteem, and aids in coping with stress by encouraging positive reinterpretation of experiences. Moreover, gratitude fosters empathy, strengthens relationships, and diminishes negative emotions like jealousy and anger. Overall, integrating gratitude into our lives leads to greater contentment and harmony, enriching both our own well-being and the quality of our relationships with others.

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