6 Mistakes people make while setting goals

If you are anxious about the year ahead, you must have already started thinking about setting goals. But how will it be different than the previous one? You may have not realized but crafting your goals is very powerful to help you shape your destiny. But as most people make their goals so poorly so they never get to see them come to reality.

You have to practice it as an annual exercise and work on it as a concept for the whole year to stick to. Following are the mistakes you need to avoid while setting goals for the coming year:

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1- Not writing your goals down:

Unless you write your goals, it is merely an aspiration. It is devoid of any power unless you commit it to write. It is because this is the only way to set it in motion. Once you write the goals, your path becomes clear and you focus on how to attain it.

2- Setting too many goals:

This is also a big mistake people often make. They set so many goals that they even lose track of them. So, it is always best to set one or two goals that are the most important and focus completely on achieving them.

3- Restricting goal to one area of life:

When you restrict your goal to just one area of life, you fail to become satisfied in life. You need to set goals that can relate to all major areas of your life, such as spiritual, relational, physical, and emotional.

4- Making vague goals:

That is something that burs your path towards achieving your goals. It would help if you become specific to a topic and then make an effort to achieve it. For example, if you want to write a book, decide specifically which topic you want to write on.

5- Assign a due date:

When you don’t set a deadline for completing your tasks, they never get done anyway. Create urgency in your work by setting a deadline. When you will select a deadline you force yourself to pay attention to what is important and feel pressured to get it done faster.

6- Not making them meaningful:

For each goal that you have set for yourself, you need to write down the motivation to pursue it. This is what most people don’t do and fail to achieve their goals. You need to identify why it is important to attain the goals and what is at stake if you don’t.

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