We rise by lifting, supporting, and helping others

we rise by helping and lifting others

The incredible power of giving can only be felt when you lend help. It could be sharing knowledge or helping others when they desperately need it. It also is about encouraging them to do something or giving them money.

If we reflect back on our lives, we realize that there were people who acted ‘Hand of God’ in one way or another. There were teachers who helped us learn the meaning of life, friends, and family who encouraged us at some point in time and helped us to grow.

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We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill.

Giving to others has many benefits. The first and foremost important attribute of giving is happiness.

When you help others in the times they need you the most, your own life begins to find meaning and a purpose. Honestly speaking, real joy comes not from material possessions but from people and life experiences.

When we show kindness and express love, we get the riches of the universe, the greatest of all being happiness. When we are generous with others, we feel abundant and our life gets happier. It is a fact that generosity rubs off as an abundance mindset, supporting you to be more wealthy in all walks of life.

By empowering others and showing them a way to live a meaningful life, one feels the real power and also the karma effect that comes into life. When you lift others, someone else will lift you too, and help you in moving faster in life, and achieve more success.

If you are blessed with everything, you should be grateful and feel your moral responsibility to help others. We don’t often realize, that by helping others, we are indirectly helping ourselves.

When we encourage others, help them with something and even celebrate their little success and moments, we are doing this favor to ourselves too as the hormone of happiness grows inside us, resulting in a reduction in the hormone of anxiety (Cortisol). This makes our mood better and helps us live healthier and longer.

Giving does not necessarily mean money. Not everybody has money. If you can lend knowledge or transform someone’s life in a positive direction by spending your own time without asking for any monetary return, you have already given.

However, if you are in a position to give money it has some amazing insights too.

A 2008 study by Harvard Business School professor, Michael Norton says that giving money to the ones who need it, gives you more happiness than spending it on yourself. Of course, this is true if the money is more than what you actually need.

Such an act of positive behavior releases endorphins in our brain, producing a positive feeling usually called the “helper’s high.”

When we give to others, Oxytocin is released. This includes an amazing feeling of euphoria and making connections with others.

So friends, giving is caring. You are not only helping others but helping yourself too. Start showing up and helping others when they need you the most.

This will make you happy, healthy, and live longer.


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