Adopt These 5 Practical Habits of highly persistent people like Jack Ma. Apply them in your life to change your destiny forever

There are times in life when you get weary from moving forward and your motivation seems to be fading. This is not a good situation when you are moving towards your goals. Either it’s your fitness regime, navigating your children through teenage years, or any of your business goals. When things get down you really need to stay on track by reminding yourself of the entire struggle you have been through.

At these tough times, you need to select the strategies that work best for you. You must know what works in one circumstance but may not work in the other.

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We looked closely at the life of Jack Ma, and his reason for success. The following are the ways you can remain persistent through your journey by following Jack Ma’s example.

A clear vision:

People with dreams especially have visions that make them live a life different from others. This is the vision that motivates them to live their lives with a purpose. They focus on their goals and constantly work to achieve them. It is often the first thing they wake up to in the morning and the last thing they remember before they go to sleep.

In the case of Jack, he clearly knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to do something amazing with the internet in the late 90s.

They never look for an excuse:

For persistent people, it is important to find a way to achieve something. They never find an excuse or a way out; they have a burning desire that keeps them going. They do not get upset with failures and dead ends because they are keen on finding a way out to a new path.

Jack talked about his favorite movie at WEF 2017, and how the movie changed his vision and perception of life.

They have strong self-confidence:

Persistent people like Jack Ma are very clear about what they want and do not get swayed by the opinion of others. They have a highly developed sense of who they are and what they want in life. They have confidence in their abilities and it never gets destroyed by outer circumstances.

Develop good habits:

For staying motivated, highly persistent people rely on the good habits that they develop over time. These are the habits that teach them self-discipline so that they can continue on the path to success.

They adapt to changes:

When persistent people see their plans not working, they do not hesitate to adapt to the occurring changes. They easily adjust their action plans and look for better ways to increase their chances of success. They have complete faith that they will reach their final destination, therefore, they never act stubbornly when a shift is required.

Jack suffered a lot of setbacks in his younger days, he was rejected from different places for a job but he never gave up.

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