Jack Ma says this one movie changed his perception about life and business

Jack Ma, the richest man in China and one of the most promising internet-based businesses cop-founder Alibaba has a lot to share with struggling entrepreneurs.

In his talks, he often motivates, inspires people about his struggle and real-life examples.

In this old video of 2017 (the message is still new), Jack talks about the uncertainties of life and how one movie taught him to never give up.

While speaking to a conference at Gateway 2017, Jack Ma – Ali Baba group chairman talks about how visiting the US and watching a film changed his perception about business.

Today is very difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult but believe in the day after tomorrow that it is very beautiful. Most people die tomorrow evening. If you do not work hard, you do not see the sunshine.

Watch the video.

Jack spoke about the importance of staying persistent. Forest Grump reminds me that every time I have a problem, He said, I resonate with the movie. Helping small businesses will make me like Forest Grump.

Keep running, keep finding solutions, things will unfold naturally and you will become successful one day.


Written by Hisham Sarwar


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