Bill Gates choice for a subject if he were a freshman today

For young people, becoming successful like Bill Gates is a pretty high bar to set. But starting out in their professional career they dream of starting out the way that can make them stand among the world’s richest and successful people.

What would you do if you are starting out in today’s world?

You are lucky than most of the people who started out years back from today because of the computer evolution. Bill Gates being the Harvard’s most famous dropout student was lucky for having an obsession for computers. If he would not have dropped out, there were fewer chances of the world you are living in today.

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Gates at the age of 61 believes in investing in education and there are certain areas he finds promising for the future generation. For the college freshmen, there is some advice to give. Recently, the Microsoft Cofounder shared his choice of a subject if he had to start his career today. He said that he would prefer doing majors in artificial intelligence, energy, or biosciences. According to hum, these are all the promising fields that can make a huge impact in future.

In the next 20 years, experts believe that technology will change dramatically because of the use of AI by the companies for automating their factories, retail locations, and concentration sites. For running those systems there will be untouched resources of solar or wind power. This is the reason Gates thinks that the humanity will see an energy miracle within the next 15 years.

For people who are freshly starting out their careers, Gate’s advice is to at least pursue one of these fields. In his experience, he has seen how much progress the world has made the fields of automation. For all the people who are starting out fresh, this can be the advice to mate notice of.

Via: Business Insider

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