iPhone’s 8 could have the best next generation selfie camera

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The LG and Android headsets always arouse excitement among users with their new models. But a new iPhone always seems to trump rival phones when it comes to buzz and hype. Currently, Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 is the talk of the town.

The new iPhone is expected to have next generation front facing camera that will have the ability to sense 3D space. It is considered to be enabling the facial recognition applications. One of the applications for the 3D front camera is linked to games and it will show user’s face in the place of a character. Along with this there are other applications as well such as facial recognition, iris recognition, and improved selfies. The 3D camera system is expected to allow the new iPhone to implement 3D sensing as well as modeling. This kind of sensor camera will enable other applications in augmented reality.

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Apple has started focusing on this emerging technology and has recently bought Faceshift. This is a company that has been working on AR-related facial-transformation technology. Apple had bought one of AR Company PrimeSense in 2013 and the sensor includes technology from it too. Infrared transmitter and receiver are used in the front sensor module along with a laser technology from Lumentum. The entire camera module is expected to be an entire production of Sony.

According to sources, future models of iPhone are all expected to be produced with similar system. The rumors that are circling in the market point towards the following features for the upcoming model.

The new iPhone model is considered to be made with glass and stainless steel.

Possibility of integration of home button with a screen.

The new model could be a 5.8-inch wraparound screen without and borders or bezels. It will be using OLED display technology to enable darker blacks and providing improved power consumption.

It will be devoid of a headphone jack.

The price is expected to be above $1,000

The new model will include wireless charging ability.

Apple fans anxiously waiting for the company’s next-generation flagship phone have to wait till fall as nothing can speed up time and make it come any sooner.

Via: Business Insider

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