Hackers are targeting you through kids

Our children spend a lot of time in the virtual world. New technologies have changed the ways they communicate with friends and family. Sometimes children get too much involved and risk themselves at places where they get them into much trouble.

Some of the biggest challenge for parents today is to deal with their children’s social networking. It is difficult for them to be able to keep kids safe while online socializing. The problem is that the online game is getting children involved with the hacking world. This is where they get engaged in cyber-crimes. For hackers, children can become a gateway into the home PC. They can easily install malware on a family’s computer that may likely contain all the financial information to be used for online banking.

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It is important for parents to gain an understanding to be better able to keep their children safe. Parents must be aware of some of the warning signs that indicate if their child is getting involved with online criminal activities. The list includes so many things that can indicate suspicious behaviors but there are some key factors that can make it easy for parents to determine.

There are dozens of ways kids can be targeted online but following are the activities that can indicate the possibility of an involvement of your child.

If children spend most of their time alone on their PCs. They like to work and play games on their computer.

They have fewer real friends and like to interact mostly with their online friends.

Look for any odd-sounding nicknames of your children. Do keep in mind that skeptical nick names can also be an indication of your kids getting involved in hacking.

The internet connection slows or gets completely down after intervals may indicate that their rival hackers are trying to take them down.

The list of all such activities is broad and cannot be limited to few things. Some evidences indicate that children with Autism and Asperger’s are more vulnerable to becoming hackers. As adults are better at avoiding suspicious websites or fake email attachments, so some of the hackers are now trying to track down family’s weakest link i.e. kids.

Just with parental control on your computer cannot save your children from online criminals. It is not possible to keep kids offline but parents must take necessary steps to protect their children from digital threats.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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