iPhone 8 may not be arriving until next year

Circulating rumors have been indicating for delays in the launch of Apple’s flagship device. The smartphone was considered to be launched in September which is the time when Apple usually announces its iPhones. But the news came that the launch of iPhone 8 has been delayed until November. The delay was indicated to be due to the shortage of the components of iPhone 8.

And now, the update indicates that Apple has once again delayed the scheduled launch of iPhone 8. The company is going ahead with production of its iPhone but the device may not make it this year. The shortages of some of the key components for the iPhone 8 is making the company to postponed the launch and also to overcome some of the technical challenges it is facing during the process.

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This news might be difficult for the iPhone fans to devour but the multiple features the new iPhone model will be offering including a curved OLED screen, dual cameras, camera beneath the display etc. make the new version worth waiting for.

With production of the iPhone 8 scheduled to start in October, it’s easily predictable that the device will be launched in 2018.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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