5 Old Fashioned Myth that act as a stumbling block on road to your success

Our mindset is the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. It influences our motivation and with the growth mindset, people find a purpose and autonomy in their intentional activities. Around 40% of our total happiness comes from the intrinsic rewards from our intentional activity which indicates that we are the ones in control of our mindsets. Having a positive mindset can have significant rewards but the opposite can have profound effects especially on our success in life.

Following are the pernicious mindsets that sometimes people hold on to,

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Employee’s professional development is a company’s responsibility:

With this mindset, it’s hard to succeed in life because the days to classroom learning are over. Today’s world prizes individual learners who consider it their own responsibility to establish career goals and succeed in those objectives.

Considering your job a lifetime employment:

People who think that the job they are doing is actually theirs as long as they do a good. That’s so not true, the days to lifelong employment are over. It’s so because sometimes a worker’s skills become obsolete and for that reason, they should be always ready to make the next career move.

Success is controlled by the manager:

No matter how good a manager is with employee, he/she is not responsible for worker’s success. Your career should be run by you like your own business. Your manager controlling your chances of success is the kind of outdated mindset that that was made irrelevant to the workplace almost a decade ago.

Using social media for your brand is mean:

This also a kind of mindset many people have nowadays. They consider using social media for building their brand as selfish. But that’s not true as social media is a platform that helps you stay on top of the upcoming trends and staying your content with your connections. It helps to expand your professional network which makes you a valuable employee.

Only considering managing your brand when looking for a new job:

Your brand is something that requires your management every day. You need to be available for the opportunities you don’t have knowledge about. With a strong brand, people will start realizing your position and opportunities will come your way.

Via: The Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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