Instagram allowing users to use masks and filters in live videos

We cannot imagine Instagram without filters and masks. Recently it has updated the platform with a new feature to its live video. This update allows users to add face filters and masks while making live videos.

This feature has been rolled out to the entire audience. To check out a new look, users can tap the face icon on any filter they like. They can even try on the new sunglasses face filter and it will be available to live videos in the coming week. Anyone watching the stream will be able to see the filters. The filters, however, are mostly similar to the ones that are available for Stories. Only the pair of sunglasses is exclusive for Instagram live videos. Users can even tap on the glasses to change their look and the reflected scene.

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The feature is being rolled out in the coming week so Instagram users must not panic if they don’t see it on their page.

Via: Instagram Blog

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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