How is how the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cameras are rated

After the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus, most of the Apple fans are pretty confident that they will like these devices even if there is a better model on the horizon. The features iPhone 8 X is offering are better to wait for. Among all the fantastic features, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus have the cameras that no other device has for now.

These cameras have been tested and have proven that they stand out in everyday situations. Users will be free of worrying for light modes and the proper focus because the camera makes the adjustments itself. The iPhones excel, offering exact autofocus, detailed lightening mode, and an excellent in faux-bokeh performance. The iPhone 8 Plus also offers the best zoom in experience. The camera of these devices beats almost all of its competitors including the excellent Pixel as well as the HTC U11.

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Here is the picture result as reviewed by DXO Mark

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 15.41.58

But if we look for perfection, there is still improvement required. For example, the camera’s autofocus ability is not the fastest and the video falls behind the pixel. When we look at the portrait mode, these produce artefacts around the borders of the blur. But these are not as much noticeable than those by the Pixel. Also, there is no option available for the studio lightening mode and maybe it’s because Apple didn’t consider it good enough to be included.

Currently, Apple is on top for producing such excellent cameras but it may not be a long victory as the new Pixel is arriving soon, so it’s still to see whether the tech giant retains the place.

Via: Tech Crunch

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