Huge new Facebook data leak, exposes details of 3m users

According to a new scientist investigation, data of millions of Facebook users all over the world using a popular app asking intimate questions and getting answers, is leaked for anyone to access. Personality quiz app myPersonality is the app’s name and it is unrelated to the Cambridge Analytica episode.

Earlier it was Cambridge Analytica data leak that exposed the personal information of many Facebook users worldwide but now another app called mypersonality is in the mist of terrible news. The news is, around 3m users data is leaked by this third party app that was asking questions and getting sensitive information.

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According to New Scientist, the data was distributed to the researchers over the web as it was available for free on the internet.

“This type of data is very powerful and there is real potential for misuse,” told Chris Sumner at the Online Privacy Foundation.

It is also reported that the leaked information reveals personal details of Facebook users such as results of psychological test.

FB has already suspended mypersonality from its platform on 7 April. The app had violated FB’s policies because of the language used in the app and on its website explaining ‘how the data is shared’.

More than 6 million people completed the test on mypersonality app and almost half of them agreed to share data from their Facebook profile with the project. Unfortunately, the data was picked, placed on the website to share with other researchers.

 “This type of data is very powerful and there is real potential for misuse,” Online Privacy Foundation’s Chris Sumner.

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