Here is why you need to engage in self-love

There are many of us who feel guilty on seeing the world “selfish” anywhere. It is because the society has attached a negative connotation to this word. In arguments it is used to suggest that you care only about yourself more than the other people around you. The societies very easily deem you as a bad person if you focus on your own needs, desire, and want first.

But at the end of the day, every person is selfish in one way or another because everyone sees a situation from their own viewpoint. In order to give fully or contribute to the lives of your loved ones, you need to take care of your mind, body, and soul. This defines the world selfish as someone who is more responsible or the care of their own self. If you just focus on giving to others, you will become depleted, frustrated, and cranky with extremely low energy. Therefore, being truest to you and loving yourself is the way to keep a balance to live a happy and contended life.

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Following are the reasons why you need to engage in self-love and allow others to do the same as well:

Invest in yourself to be generous to those around you:

Michelle Obama in an interview in 2011 explained why she advises her daughters to invest in themselves in order to invest in others. It is exactly what you’ll do in a plane to assist others by putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. It is because the more fulfilled you yourself are, the more you will be able to give people and help for their causes.

You learn to identify unique areas of your own talent:

It does seem selfish but when you say no to things that are not of much interest to you, you are not being selfish in a negative way. Saying “no” allows you to protect your own time and develop your own talents. Once you invest in yourself, you will have more to offer to the rest of the world. Your talent and love will be used to benefit others in a greater way.

Healthy selfishness:

It is common for most people to ignore their health because they find it selfish not to accept offers by family and friends to spend time with them. But this ignorance from your health can cause major issues in later life. By exercising and giving time to pay attention to your physical self, you feel refreshed from inside. You do not get as much happiness from saying yes to everyone but you get the inner peace when you cater to your own needs first.

Balance in life:

When you care for yourself and then provide assistance to others, you bring a balance to your own life. You need to work out your priorities mathematically so that you exactly know what your priorities are and how your time is being invested properly.

It’s a reason to inspire other:

Becoming a positive example for people, you need to first listen to your own self. When you model the behavior of valuing yourself instead of unwillingly playing the martyr, it makes a big difference. Therefore, understand your own needs and be confident in meeting them in order to reach your true potential.

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