How to supercharge your learning ability?

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It is commonly believed that with age, learning ability starts to decline and it is hard for adults to create new connections between the neurons. But this myth about grown-ups having this learning handicap is based upon the research that is outdated. The recent data confirms that adults with a greater number of years can grow just as many new brain cells as young people.

The only way to help your brain to grow new brain cells is by keeping it supercharged and ready for action throughout the day. Following are the scientifically proven ways that can help you do that:

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Breathe correctly:

Although everyone breathes every minute of the day but there are very few people who actually benefit from the process of breathing. With short breaths, you use only the upper portions of your lungs and get less oxygen per breath then you really should. For getting the most benefit of your breathing, experts advise to place your one hand on the sternum and the other on your belly while you take a deep breath. You will notice that your hand on the sternum will move when you will inhale indicating that you are a chest breather, for practicing into our belly you must place your hand over your belly and take a deep breath. It will help fill your abdomen with air before filling your lungs. It will help calm your nervous system and flood oxygen into your brain.

Physical exercise:

Working out properly can help supercharge your brain. High intensity movement particularly when it comes to full-body movement stimulates your brain to produce a hormone named as brain derived neurotropic factor which is a natural brain booster. This factor is closely linked with concentration, increased focus, memory, and anti-aging benefits.

Cold therapy:

In the world of wellness, cryotherapy or the cold therapy is making a big splash. This therapy has been found to lower the inflammation and to calm down the autonomic nervous system. You can start by taking cold showers in the morning and it will have your brain invigorated.

Adopt the intermittent fasting:

Eating healthy does help your brain to perform better but for supercharging it, you need to know when to eat. This is when intermittent fasting can help which helps the production of growth hormone, provides powerful anti-aging benefits, and activates the BDNF factor production.

Focus on spine:

According to researchers, it has been found that majority of stimulation to the brain comes from signals that are sent by your spine. With the help of a chiropractic work, you can remove stress from the central nervous system that is developed by torsion and tension in the spine. All this activity activates the sympathetic nervous system and allows your brain to regain balance and efficiency.

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