Facebook Can Now Turn Your Photos into 3D Images

The social networking service Facebook created tech to turn bokeh pictures into 3D images. A new tool has been launched named as 3D photos which allow users to upload portrait mode photos on Facebook and then turn them into 3D images on the news feed.

This feature uses artificial intelligence so that some depth is added to an image and within the photo; you can move your head and see around in different directions. Right now it is available for all iPhone users and works with the iPhones portrait mode. With the help of this feature, you can separate the foreground with the background.

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Because it can only be used on recent iPhones therefore, you can use it on iPhone 7+, 8+, X, and XS. According to Facebook, this feature will be rolled on for other phones later in future.

How to create a 3D photo:

For creating the 3D photo, first capture a portrait mode picture. Once you upload the portrait mode on Facebook, these will be turned into 3D photos and will display on your news feed. 3D effects are added to the images with the help of artificial intelligence. These photos will be viewed by your friends just like they view photos in their phone or wilt eh help of a VR headset. For PC users, they can simply use their mouse or the touchscreen to drag and use a 3D photo.

Facebook suggests that for creating a good 3D image, you should keep the subject three or four feet away from the camera. It will help you get better results especially when the background has distinguishable colors and similarity.

The way it works:

Because 3D images use dual camera and adds depth to an image, it separates the background. With the help of AI, it figures out how much farther or closer items within an image should be.

This feature has been added to the platform because according to Mark Zuckerberg, more and more people should now be able to use VR. As VR sets are bot common among general audience so the company decided to add features that don’t actually require a headset to experience the VR.

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