Learn one of these 10 skills if you want to make big money as a freelancer


It is always great to stay busy as a freelancer. But one problem is that you often find yourself facing the terror of an empty schedule and the plummeting income that goes along with it by looking at the future prospects. For this purpose, you surely need to keep an eye on the skills that are most demanded on the freelance platforms. By doing that you will be aware where you need to focus your efforts and always have something to work upon.

According to Forbes, following are the fastest growing skills that are most demanded and experts suggest learning these for staying connected to the market.

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Blockchain technology:

For technology experts, Blockchain is driving demand and even the consultancies are hiring writers who can understand and explain how it actually works. It’s the technology on which the cryptocurrency is built and has a lot of work for the freelancers to get involved into. So a lot of demand is arising for writers for educating the market about the technology.

Amazon DynamoDB:

For developers, this is the fastest growing niche and is used in the advertising technology, gaming, the internet of things, as well as other industries.

Tensor flow:

A huge increase is being observed in the demand of the Tensorflow by the experts who are aware of this technology. This technology is an open-source, software library that is used for machine learning applications and various other things.

Voice Over:

Because of the surge of audiobooks, podcasts, video, and other media, the voiceover artists have become more in demand.

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The jobs that await the voiceover artists include narrating children’s books, for video sales letters, and for online learning videos.

Art Direction:

Freelancers are also demanded by the traditional employers as well as the design studios for art direction. This is something that can keep freelancers busy for a very long period of time.


Subtitling videos is also an art and it is being increasingly demanded in the market. For subtitling videos you need to have good writing skills as well as technology skills.

Content strategy:

More professionals are being needed to focus their efforts on creating blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. in the market. For this purpose, freelancers must have the appropriate editorial as well as marketing skills.

Microsoft Power BI:

The freelancers who understand how Microsoft’s Power BI works, they are a lot in demand. You are required to provide services from helping with the development of financial software to doing business intelligence for a lead generation company.

Augmented Reality:

With augmented reality, it is possible to change a user’s view of the physical world with visual, auditory, or other special effects. This is the fast-growing niche for developers and has a lot of demand for freelancers to work for it.

Computer vision:

Developers, who can give computers a visual understanding of what’s going on around them, are highly in demand by companies. The niche is extremely rich for the developers who have mastered computer vision.

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