How to stop WhatsApp eat your phone space


WhatsApp is the world’s biggest chat service with around 450 million daily users. It is estimated that around 100 million voice calls are made on WhatsApp. In a series of new posts covering WhatsApp, we recently covered how WhatsApp read messages notification can be turned off. Let’s learn how you can stop WhatsApp from draining your phone memory fast.

WhatsApp by default downloads all media on your phone but by going into the settings and doing some little adjustment, you can stop WhatsApp from downloading media to your phone. Media, pictures, and videos take the most space as the videos take huge storage.

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Here is what you need to do in order to prevent WhatsApp downloading media files from chat and directly storing on to your smartphone.

Android Users:

– Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the app.
– Now tap on Settings.
– In the Settings menu, select Chats.
– Toggle the Media Visibility option.

iOS Users:

– Tap on the Settings option.
– Now tap on Data and Storage Usage option. How to stop WhatsApp eating your phone space
– You will see four options, Photos, Audio, Videos, and Documents under media auto download.
– Tap on each, select never.

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