Do Airpods Cause Cancer?

Wireless technologies are no doubt outpacing both research and regulation but it is having disastrous effects on the health of individuals.

Nowadays, there is an increasing concern of scientists over the potential health risks of the use of airpods. These wireless technologies are used to communicate with one another using a magnetic induction field, a variable magnetic field sends through your brain to communicate with others.

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Here is the truth behind claims Airpods cause cancer. In March, news began to circulate on platforms which stated that more than 200 scientists from 40 countries have signed a declaration warning about the dangers to human health caused by the wireless headphones. This is actually not correct, the reference of scientist’s declaration in the news is from the year 2015 and nothing new. It was an appeal to the government to take notice of the serious health issues that are caused by the non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation emitted by smartphones and any other wireless devices. These include all the Bluetooth devices such as Airpods.

The concern of the scientists was that the placement of AirPods is the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiation. After years of research, scientists released the peer-reviewed results of a pair of federally-funded studies that found out that this kind of radiation produces cancer in rats.

The news changed into a debate that whether the use of cell phone is a risk of chance. At that point, the federal government and device manufacturers operated on the assumption that the use of cell phones cannot by their very nature cause cancer, as the emit non-ionizing radiation. It was considered that as the non-ionizing radiation does not emit enough energy, therefore, it does break the chemical bonds. This was a sign that it does not damage DNA and lead to the mutation that causes cancer.

A study was carried out by the US National Toxicology Program that clearly found that the exposure to non-ionizing radiation caused heart tumors on male rats as well as tumors in the brain of the male rats.

In relation to the whole Airpod thing:

The non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation is also used by the Bluetooth technology present in the wireless Airpods. Through cell phones, Bluetooth surely sends radiation to humans. The cell phones have to communicate with a cell tower which is likely some distance away from your device. Airpods, however, communicate the distance between your head and your cell phone. This means that with a shorter distance, the Bluetooth radiofrequency can still function at a lower power. With Bluetooth, one potential cause of concern, however, is that many people wear Bluetooth headphones like Airpods for many hours.

The scientists are of the view that there is a connection between the lower-dose Bluetooth radiation and human illness. This makes it clear that your ears that are closer to your head should be the last place you have to put these kinds of devices. Signal power is not the only variable to take into account when talking about the health consequences of radiofrequency technology. More inconsistent factors like pulses of radiation emitted by the wireless devices should also be studied for this purpose.

In order to clarify the exact risks associated with the use of Airpods, a great deal of more research needs to be done. The agencies setting safety standards have failed to actually impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public from the harmful effects. According to researchers, the guidelines that permit levels of exposure might still be dangerous for the health of individuals,

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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