How to stay calm in stressful situations?

From Wall Street traders to fighters to surgeons, amid COVID-19 stress, staying calm in a difficult situation can bring a lot of impact on success. the researchers have proved that the human brain functions best when it is in a moderate state of arousal which means it is neither too stressed nor too calm. This is the reason successful people maintain their success and even under the biggest setbacks, they stay calm and cool under pressure.

Following are the ways you can also stay calm and cool under positive situations:

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Be lighthearted:

When a stressful situation occurs, you may experience numbness in your hands and feet. But that does not happen with successful people. It is because they remain lighthearted even in the toughest times. They learn to manage their stress with humor and do not let fear or anger overtake their mind and body. They laugh as it calms them down and put them back in control.

Find the cause:

Stress increases if you remain unaware of the cause. Successful people instead of panicking identify the real stressor and understand what is actually causing it. They then find out ways to solve the problems and fix everything in a short period of time.

Stay positive:

No matter how worse a situation becomes, the key to staying calm is to think positively. Instead of looking at the problems as setbacks, think of them as opportunities to learn more. Search for solutions to those problems as they will let you shine among the rest.

Caffeine intake:

Some people get on the caffeine roller-coaster in order to lower their stress levels. But caffeine stimulates the areas of your brain that can make you feel overwhelmed and more anxious. Therefore, ditch the caffeine intake and opt for water for soothing your nerves.


Instead of instantly trying to fix the problem, just step back, and take time to decompress. Analyze the entire situation, and get a fresh view. Go out for a walk, read a book, or watch a movie to allow your mind to relax. You will find that after these light activities, your mind will be more effective in solving problems.

Get prepared:

Problems hurt you more when you are unprepared. Prior to solving the problems, prepare your mind, and train it for uncertainty. You can develop this attitude with practice and the best way to prepare your mind is to play games that encourage mental flexibility and utilize a time limit.

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