Here is how positive thinking can make you next Jack Ma

consistency & persistence

With constant demands being placed on our time, life becomes very challenging and you sometimes miss out on major opportunities. But with positive thinking, the solution to this ever-increasing problem can be found.

This is the power that is possessed by positive thinkers and it helps them to make out most of their life. It gives them great confidence that helps them to achieve greater success.

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If you want to adopt some of the inner characteristics of high achievers, the following are the few things you can follow but the 1st step is to think positively.

I’ve picked the example of Jack Ma and will co-relate to each point how you can adopt some inner characteristics from Jack, take a leaf out of his life’s book, and apply it in your life to become successful.


A resilient nature is the most prominent characteristic of positive thinkers because it is something that keeps them strong even during times of adversity. Everybody fails in life at some point. This single characteristic helps them to maintain emotional stability. Resilience comes with positive thinking, a belief, that everything will eventually fall into its place.

Resilience enables them to make effective use of the opportunities that appear quickly and gain even out of the toughest situations. Jack Ma said, I Applied For Harvard, But Was Rejected 10 Times, yes he did not give up on himself and kept trying and eventually founded Alibaba, the biggest china B2B website.


You may have heard many times that you need to be thankful for whatever you have. You get so busy with your work, family, and other obligations that you forget to contemplate the good things in your life.

Compared to other people, positive thinkers consciously make time each day to be grateful for the things that they have. Practicing gratitude is not a while type of thing, it should be practiced every single day.

Jack Ma’s remarkable life transformation – From poverty to one of the richest men in China is a perfect example for us.


The concept of acceptance is really powerful among positive thinkers. It is because instead of negating the events and situations in life and blaming the lack of resources or perhaps their financial situation, they find peace in accepting them.

Positive thinking enables you to understand that things can go opposite to what you have planned which can result in disappointment and rejection but that sadness is temporary and things will turn around soon.

With acceptance, they learn from their mistakes and maintain a perspective rather than reacting to situations dramatically. The best bargain with life is instead of rejecting what life brings for you, to accept it because it is the only way to move forward.

Having a vision for a long-term goal is also very important. As Jack said if you want to experience long-lasting success? Get a long-term vision first


Integrity is a characteristic that matters the most for all high achievers and it is a result of positive thinking. Truth always prevails and it acts like karma which creates a positive ripple effect in your life.

The power of integrity not only improves your life but brings a great change in the life of those around you. It is something that positive people innately understand and live by every single day.


Jack Ma believes fearless, optimistic people create the brightest future. The human brain is a marvelous creation, even the world’s supercomputers cannot have a brain functioning at its very best.

Researchers have proved that whatever you put into your mind and program into your conscience, has far-reaching effects on improving the quality of your life.

Consciousness is greatly understood by a positive thinker. It helps them live better lives. Through mindfulness, you can also attain a higher level of consciousness and experience a better quality of life.

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