FREE Connects to Do More on Upwork

Upwork is a leading freelancing platform that connects businesses with talented professionals from all over the world. With millions of freelancers and clients, Upwork provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses and freelancers to collaborate on projects and grow their careers.

Upwork, one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces is introducing huge changes to its Connects. Connects are used to place a bid on a client’s project placement. Starting this December, here’s what you should expect.

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  • When you respond to a proposal or called for an interview, you win 10 connects. Also, you can earn up to 50 Connects every 7 days.
  • There’s an increase in the number of Connects a new talent gets. Now they will get 80 Connects, including 40 for taking the Upwork Readiness Test.
  • Increasing the monthly free Connects on the Freelancer Basic plan from 0 to 10.
  • Increasing the monthly free Connects on the Freelancer Plus plan from 70 to 80.
  • Increasing the Freelancer Basic and Plus Connects Rollover Limit from 140 to 200.

These new Connect changes are amazing. Previously, new freelancers used to get 20 connects but now the connects quantity is increased to 80. Freelancers will also be rewarded with more connections when they take the Upwork readiness test and when they earn a rising talent badge.

Freelancer Basic accounts receive 10 free Connects each month, and Freelancer Plus accounts receive 80 free Connects each month.

Also, freelancers will be able to keep more Connects at the end of each month, with a new rollover limit of 200. Just to clarify, winning an interview is different from winning a job.

So here’s all you need to know.

  1. You submit a proposal for a job.
  2. You receive an invitation to interview a client.
  3. Just respond, appear in an interview, and win a bonus.

You will receive a bonus of 10 Connects after finishing the interview. There’s an opportunity to earn up to 50 Connects every seven days.

Note: All these bonuses of Connects do not apply to job invitations and direct offers.

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