These 5 Freelance Skills Pay Higher Than Many Full Time Jobs

When your day job has a very high salary and it provides you with great benefits along with room for advancement, it really gets harder to make a move to adopt full-time freelancing. It is not an easy leap to make and requires a lot of understanding. But the rising expenses of today have forced traditional workers to find new sources of increasing their income.

Freelancing for young entrepreneurs is like entering a goldmine; they have redefined work with all the freedom they want to enjoy as compared to the traditional workforce. If you are one of those people who really want to consider freelancing as a full-time career, then the following are the five areas that are in most demand and can provide you with surplus income.

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Web Development and Design:

In previous years, the demand for freelance developers and designers has increased immensely. This is because of the surge in the demand for mobile products and services that are showing no signs of cutting down. Freelance web developers and designers can earn a lot of money and can easily make up for the ever-increasing expenses of today. Web designers and developers can earn up to $200k a year.

Copywriting and Editing:

In the past, it was not easy to become a writer. You needed to have full command over the grammar and vocabulary of that language in order to enter the field of writing. Also, the process of writing and publishing an article was much slower. But the technological advancement has opened new doors for people who have a passion for writing. Now anyone with good writing skills can become a content writer. There has been a continuous rise in the demand for content writers and companies are paying a good amount of cash to skilled and experienced writers. These jobs pay around $5k monthly

Subject and Test Tutoring:

In many countries, tutors earn more as compared to school teachers. Although school teachers are fully employed in well reputable institutions they fail to make a good living for themselves. Technological advancements have refined the work of tutors by providing them with opportunities while staying at home. If you have a command over a subject and you can teach it well, then you can build your tutoring lifestyle. Freelance tutoring will allow you to benefit from the freedom and flexibility of choosing your own hours and building a trustable relationship with your student. The best tutors earn US$ 1000 per hour in the USA.

Freelance Animators:

Are you inspired by the art of animation? If you are, then freelance animation is the right choice for you. This is the freelancing job that pays you by a second for the work you produce. The rate depends upon the quality of work provided. Even one or two clients at the beginning of your work can pay you enough to cover your house rent. The most experienced freelance animators are earning up to $2,000 per hour.

Freelance Life Coaching:

Most teenage Americans start life coaching in their summer holidays. The demand for these millennials has increased more with the introduction of freelance life coaching. This career can be adopted full-time as now these freelance life coaches are earning up to $100k per annum. They are in high demand by many of the older professionals who want to hire young millennial life coaches.

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