How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan 2023?

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing segments in IT outsourcing in Pakistan. According to National Freelance Facilitation Policy, currently, they are over 100k registered freelancers in the country and the capacity-building program aims to train 1 Million freelancers in coming years. Pakistani freelancers have contributed US $400 million in IT exports of US 2.646 Billion in the 2021-22 Fiscal year. Freelancing has become extremely popular amid Covid-19 and people are learning high-end skills from YouTube, and Digiskills. pk.

Do you want to know about freelancing in Pakistan?

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In this post, I will not only talk about how to start freelancing in Pakistan but also show you the best freelance websites to get started by offering your services.

Striking out on your own in the growing field of freelancing requires you to consider a few things before taking the plunge. You can do freelancing even if you are a full-time employee. For finding the right clients, projects, and pros and cons of various pricing methods, freelancers need to discover their own strengths and market them.

Learning How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

Before learning how to start freelancing in Pakistan know that today’s freelancing is charting a dramatic new course to define success. Freelancers piece together their lives, their projects, and their competition with other freelancers in the market. With passion and flexibility, they built an independent, connected, and values-driven life for themselves.

Learn a Skill

Starting freelancing without skill is impossible in fact this is the key point and a basic thing you must have if you wanna learn a skill Hisham Sarwar’s YouTube is the best free video platform to learn a new skill in Pakistan.

Build Your Network

Now you have learned skills now it’s time to build a network of your potential clients. Join freelancing groups on Facebook and give your services at an affordable price. Don’t be spammy in the groups but instead share your knowledge in these groups and what you’ve learned so far.

Become a Brand

After building a network you should become a brand & think like a brand. Give the clients quality work and always over-deliver.

Freelancing websites in Pakistan

There is huge competition in mainstream freelance websites so it is important to know about all freelancing websites where people from Pakistan can offer their skills and make money.

WorkChest: is a Pakistani freelance marketplace that has created an ecosystem for employers and freelancers. Daily, 10+ selected projects are posted in different categories. Workchest is the only marketplace with a social media networking tool for freelancers to collaborate and discuss future growth and opportunities. It also has a Team-Up section for people from one skill set to get in touch with one another across Pakistan.


It is the biggest freelance website in the world, Upwork is widely used by Pakistani freelancers for finding jobs. Freelancers feel valued and connected when they work on this online platform. introduces freelancers with an option to develop connections to the online world. It connects clients with professionals so that they can collaborate and grow their businesses successfully. It is a place where employers hire IT professionals, Web developers, copywriters, or graphic designers.

Fiverr: is by far the most popular freelance website in Pakistan. It is a marketplace with a twist on the concept of freelancing, employers can hire freelancers for Gigs based on keywords, past performance, and ranking. It is one of the growing marketplaces online and the most widely used too.

Guru: is an online platform that allows high-tech professionals to seek short-term contracts by negotiating directly with potential employers. It is a global network of over 1.5 million gurus who offer their services for technical, creative, or business projects. It is simple to work with and requires freelancers to create an online profile to showcase the skills they have to offer to employers. On, a Pakistani freelancer has made over 1 million dollars in revenue. His name is Hisham Sarwar


It is an online platform that helps to find freelance graphic designers around the world. It connects more than one million talented freelance designers with entrepreneurs to help them get the work they want. About every 1.5 seconds, a new design is uploaded by the online designer community. For smart and passionate customers, is a great place to work at.

Toptal: is an American-based company that offers the services of freelance software engineers and designers to various clients. Many Pakistani talented freelancers are now being selected on this website, primarily for high-end, emerging, and trending skills such as AI, AR, and Machine learning.

Freelancer: is another online freelance website that is extremely popular in Pakistan. It connects freelancers and employers globally from over 247 states. Using this platform, freelancers and employers find work including writing, data entry, accounting, etc. It provides them with all kinds of short-term and long-term projects.

Peopleperhour: helps people to start and grow their businesses. It is simple to get started and helps people to manage their work and get rewarded for their hard work.


This website is a social and trusted platform for people that provide ways to shop online. For any kind of service from jobs and housing to personals, this platform is the best fit for online merchants. Visit

Freelance Writing Gigs:

Freelance writers are blessed to have this online platform for learning while working. It helps them to find writing projects more easily than any other platform because it is just for freelance writers. It is a good place for people who have a passion for writing and want to polish their skills in their free time. Visit

Demand Media: is a good place for people who are creative and want to explore new opportunities while working. It helps to create unique content and provides innovative ways to solve issues. It is popular among filmmakers, producers, photographers, etc.


Freelancers use this platform for finding their outsourcing projects. It provides all the opportunities for talented professionals to grow. The unique feature of this online platform is that it does not charge any transaction fees on both sides and allows freelancers to keep all of their earnings. Visit

College Recruiter:

For lining the base of a great future, is a great platform for college students. It helps students to earn while they are studying and learn the complexities of professional life.

SimplyHired: is an employment website as well as works as an online recruitment network. It provides services of resume upload, custom profiles, e-mail alerts, job searches, etc.


For coders, consultants, designers, and many others, provides easy business access around the globe. It helps IT, professionals, to outsource their work and get projects at affordable prices.

These best freelance websites for beginners enable skillful individuals to freelance and earn a livelihood while working from home. In order to learn and grow your business, all programmers and IT professionals must give a look at all these websites.

Pakistani Freelancers:

The gig economy is a rapidly growing sector that is providing opportunities for people to work from home, become their own bosses, and earn a decent living. One country that has seen a significant rise in the number of freelancers in recent years is Pakistan. Pakistani freelancers are making a name for themselves in the global marketplace by offering their skills and expertise to clients from all over the world.

Why are Pakistani Freelancers in Demand?

Pakistani freelancers are highly sought after because they provide excellent services at incredibly low prices. They are a well-liked option among clients from all around the world thanks to their strong work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail. Furthermore, well-known for their exceptional communication abilities and capacity to fulfill deadlines, freelancers from Pakistan.

What Skills do Pakistani Freelancers Offer?

Pakistani freelancers offer a wide range of skills, including:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistance

Challenges Faced by Pakistani Freelancers:

Despite the many benefits of freelancing, Pakistani freelancers face a number of challenges, including:

Limited Access to Payment Systems: Many Pakistani freelancers face difficulties in accessing payment systems due to restrictions imposed by some countries. This can make it difficult for them to receive payments from clients.

Lack of Recognition: Pakistani freelancers frequently struggle to have their work valued and recognized by clients.

Limited Access to Resources: Pakistani freelancers may have limited access to resources such as high-speed internet, which can impact their ability to deliver projects on time.

How to Hire Pakistani Freelancers:

There are a few considerations to make if you’re planning to hire Pakistani freelancers. First, be certain that you are well aware of your project’s requirements. Second, do your homework and pick a trustworthy freelancer with a solid background. Last but not least, be upfront about your spending plan and make sure the freelancer feels at ease working inside it.


By learning skills from free websites such as YouTube, people from Pakistan can render their services on different freelance websites. As a freelancer, not only they can earn good money but they can build a long-lasting career that contributes to the country’s economy and create more job opportunities. If you wish to learn, Hisham Sarwar YouTube has over 170 videos if you are looking for the best freelancing course in Pakistan.

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Written by Kashif M. Aslam

Kashif M. Aslam is a Professional Web Developer & SEO Specialist. He is helping many local & International companies to grow on the internet.